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Ways to Obtain Ecologically Clean Vegetables

While you spend more time at home, you can plant ecologically healthy and clean vegetables for you and your family. We have ideas how you can turn your garden or balcony into a mini vegetable garden.

Did you know that in addition to herbs, you can also plant tomatoes, zucchini, chilies, onions, garlic, spinach and lettuce in a pot?


Today we have new information how to plant tomatoes in your mini vegetable garden.
Tomatoes are some of the most favourite vegetables. It is easy to cultivate even in limited spaces.
1. It is important to plant the tomatoes in a large pot at least 25 cm high. The varieties that are usually grown in pots are cherry tomatoes, beef tomatoes and better boy tomatoes.
2. It is best to plant tomatoes with seedlings. If you sow seeds, they require lot of humidity and warmth in the first ten days.
3. If the seedlings are too close, then they should be repotted in different pots.
4. Tomatoes should be watered with lukewarm water.
5. Optimal day temperatures between 20 and 25 C

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Lettuce & spinach

It is time to learn how to expand our mini home vegetable garden with new produce, such as lettuce and spinach.
Lettuce and spinach grow quickly and have shallow roots. These plants do not require perfect conditions as long as they have enough water.
They are planted from seeds.

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Chili Peppers

If you like spicy food, you can grow chili peppers in your mini vegetable garden on your balcony.

Whether they are outside or inside, they have a bountiful yield. Also, they grow better in a pot than sweet peppers. They can be planted as seedlings, or if you use seeds, now is the right time to plant them. It is important to repot them once they sprout and form a firm trunk.

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