The Education Centre for Nature Conservation to implement two projects this year

Project: Discover Nature

The first project will be implemented until 15 November 2020; the donor is the Network for Rural Development of North Macedonia, via the project Capacity Building for NRD and its Members, financed by We Effect.

The aim of the Discover Nature Programme is to establish cooperation with experts from other organisations, whose goal is environmental education and nature protection, to ensure exchange of experience and good practices to achieve successful environmental education of target groups, that would contribute to a more responsible treatment of the environment.

It is expected that the project’s implementation will have a positive impact on the Centre’s work, by enriching the educational content and methods, strengthening its capacities and appropriate promotion of the Education Centre for Nature Conservation.

All of this should contribute to forging partnerships with education institutions and organisations at local, regional and central level, and thus promote and upgrade environmental education and classes in nature to pre-school and school age children, which is one of the main reasons for establishing the Negrevo Education Centre.


Project “Green Package for Biodiversity Protection”

The grant for the project “Green Package for Biodiversity Protection” was provided by the Network for Rural Development of North Macedonia, through the project “Networking and Advocacy for Green Economy” – NAGE, financed by the European Union.

The project’s aim is to strengthen the capacities of the Education Centre for implementation and promotion of environmental education and classes in nature for school age children.

The duration of the project is 5 months, with a series of activities/workshops that will raise public awareness about nature protection, while with the setup of a small biology laboratory, students will have the opportunity to observe nature from a different aspect, thus improving environmental education and developing interest in nature.

The implementation of this project will also raise the level of informal environmental education, which in turn would expand the knowledge of various target groups on environmental topics and would raise public awareness for environmental protection.