Room 1

The Bregalnica river basin and importance of water

The territory of the Bregalnica river basin is the main and most significant water resource in East Macedonia. In this room you can get acquainted with the Bregalnica river basin, watch interesting videos, learn interactively about the flight of the eastern imperial eagle, learn about the movement cycle of water in nature and about some of the wildlife in Bregalnica or find out how a waste water treatment plant functions. This is the largest room and it is fully equipped for hosting lectures and workshops.
Room 2

The most common types of habitats in the Bregalnica river basin

The Bregalnica river basin has a large variety of habitats, which different distribution and different organisations. In this room you will be able to take a look at the most characteristic types of habitats in the Bregalnica region, represented by the important and rare plant and animal species.
Room 3

Herbarium and Insectarium

The Education Centre has a room with a herbarium and insectarium, where some of the typical flora and fauna of the Bregalnica region are presented. The room is adapted to learn in a practical way about the process of making herbariums and insectariums.
Room 4

Agricultural crops seed collection and fossil collection

The plant and agro-biological diversity in the Bregalnica river basin comprises numerous types of farming crops, some of which are part of commercial production on large areas, and heirloom varieties that are cultivated on small surfaces and are mainly for the personal needs of the locals. In this room you can see the seeds of the farming crops that are cultivated in the Bregalnica region.
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Petko's Trail

“The Trail of Petko and the forest inhabitants – Pehcevo Adenture” is an educational 2km-long hiking trail, which starts at the Education Centre and ends near the site of Judovi Livadi, where the fly eating plant round-leaved sundew (Drosera rotundifiola) grows.

The trail is mostly meant for students and other interested nature lovers. Along the trail there are educational boards with information about some flora and fauna species, typical for the Bregalnica region.

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Judovi Livadi

The Judovi Livadi site is located at the foot of Bukovik, at an altitude of around 1,100-1,200 meters. The site contains bogs, soil made of large quantities of dead plant matter, collected over the years. Due to the specific conditions of the soil, there is a characteristic wildlife here, including the insect eating round-leaved sundew (Drosera rotundifolia), which is very rare on the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia.

The round-leaved sundew eats insects that are attracted by its bright red colour and the thin hairs covered in sweet and sticky mucilage. With its enzymes it dissolves the stuck insects and extracts nutrients from its body that it is missing.

The insect-eating plant is the recognizable brand of this site and of the Education Centre, and it can be found on the logo and all promotional materials in a stylized form.