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Plant Fruit in Pots

While we enjoy spending time with our loved ones at home, we can plant some fruits that can grow in a pot.

Follow us to learn more details about planting lemons, raspberries and strawberries in a pot.

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Want to plant lemon in your home? Read the instructions how to do it:
The lemon tree is a small tree from the citrus family that grows between 3 and 6 meters tall, with purple flowers. Lemons are the perfect fruit to grow in a pot.

When planting lemons from seeds, you should select the largest seeds. Try to remove the outer coating. The seeds are put in soil with the sharp end down. If several new plants grow, you can carefully repot them so that they have enough space.
If you decide to plant them from seeds, it will take several years for the tree to grow and start bearing fruit. That is why you can purchase an already grown tree from a nursery.

In spring and summer it requires lots of water, in winter in moderation, yet you should not let the soil become too dry because the leaves and the fruit might fall off. In winter citrus trees hibernate, and it is best to put them at a temperature of around 10C.

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Strawberries are a super food for the eyes and proper brain function. They contain large quantities of Vitamin C, antioxidants and clean the body from fats. Strawberries are increasingly planted in pots. If you also want to plant strawberries on your balcony, now is the right moment. You need strawberry seedlings; usually ever-bearing strawberries are planted in hanging planters so you need a planter with soil.



Raspberries can be planted in pots without any problem, they bear beautiful fruits and would be an excellent decoration for your balcony. It is rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, essential for good health. Raspberries are planted in spring or autumn. You need a large planter, so that you do not have to repot it. Sunny locations suit them most and it is important for the soil to be loose and rich in humus. They are resistant to ice and low temperatures.

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