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Learn More About Elderberry

Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) is a small tree, up to five meters, with ivory white flowers of pleasant scent which form inflorescence. It flowers between May and July, so now is the right time to harvest it. Elderberry is a strong immune booster, rich in Vitamin C, flavonoids and proteins, efficient in prevention of flus and colds. Elderberry tea is also recommended for treating respiratory diseases, and increases sweating, which releases toxins and reduces the body temperature. These effects are particularly important for treating flu, cold and respiratory inflammation.

Dried flowers tend to absorb moisture, so they are stored in jars in a dark and dry place. Have you already harvested some elderflowers? If so, send us some photos in the comments

Elderflower cordial

Would you like to make elderflower cordial at home? 🙂
The recipe is simple, and the flavour is beautiful.

Follow the instructions:

Put 40 rinsed elder flowers in 4 liters of water and let them rest for 24 hours. Add 3 kg sugar and 5 packets of sodium citrate or 6 sliced lemons.

Finally strain and bottle the cordial.

We would like to thank Evgenija Mun for the recipe she shared.

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Elderflower tea

Have you tried elderflower tea?

It is made similar to other teas:

Pour 250 ml boiling water over one dried flower and let seep for 20 minutes in a covered pot. Strain it and drink half a cup before meals. It is best to sweeten it with honey.

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